Welcome to the Montana Office of State Public Defender AdvOPD Landing Page.

Access AdvOPD by clicking the green button below that aligns with your role.

What is AdvOPD?

AdvOPD is the Office of State Public Defender’s Legal Matter Management Platform and houses all information related all OPD cases.

What can I do through AdvOPD?

What you can do through AdvOPD depends on your role as it relates to a case.

  • Employees may access all information related to their cases, submit and manage pre-approvals for client services, and communicate with clients or outside services providers through the AdvOPD portal.
  • Clients may access basic information about their cases, such as their court calendars, assigned attorneys, and documents or other information OPD employees have made available to them. Clients may also communicate with OPD attorneys and staff in a secure, confidential manner through the AdvOPD portal.
  • Contractors and Vendors may access information about OPD cases in which they are involved, submit and manage pre-approvals, and communicate with OPD staff through the AdvOPD portal.